Buy 1 Case Original Bohae Soju @ RM338 ONLY

Type: Promotion
Vendor: Bohae


The 3 things that are NOT in Yipsejoo. 
No artificial flavors - Normally, artificial flavors are used to remove odors of soju.
There are no sugar, sodium or MSGs in Yipsejoo - only natural sweeteners. 

Pure and Smooth - During the production process, filtration is done 5 times. This gives Yipsejoo and smooth taste not found anywhere else.

From nature - Use a natural bedrock aquifer over 253m underground to get the best water possible, which is an important aspect of Bohae’s drinks.

Flavour: Original 

Size: 360ml

Country: Korea

Buy 1 Case (20 bottles) @ RM338 ONLY !!!