Martell XO Cognac Gift Pack - Hulu drinking ritual by Shang Xia

Type: Brandy
Vendor: Martell


To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, this Martell XO Limited Edition Giftbox features a high-quality red-hued box and a unique drinking ritual allowing the drinker to chill his Martell elegantly. This Martell XO Limited Edition was created in an exclusive collaboration with a Chinese luxury brand, Shang Xia. A magnificent encounter between East and West conveying splendor and grandeur. This elegant serving ritual unveils Martell XO’s rich yet delicate aromas before savoring the liquid in the gilt and indigo gourd cup, symbolizing double happiness.

Martell XO (Extra Old) is instantly identifiable for its intense taste and bold, contemporary design, which are an expression of the audacity of Maison Martell. The House’s signature interpretation of the prestigious Grande Champagne terroir. 

The power and intensity characteristic of Grande Champagne Eaux-de-vie are uniquely revealed by the House’s specific double distillation of exclusively clear wines and aging in barrels of fine-grained oak. Their forceful character is balanced by the elegance of Eaux-de-vie from the rare Borderies cru, with which Maison Martell is historically associated.

This prestigious cognac has a forceful, charismatic personality reflected in the striking arch of its bottle.

Martell XO is thus instantly recognizable for its exceptional combination of power and finesse: on the nose, it is distinguished by a piquant, spicy sensation with notes of black and pink pepper and coriander, rounded out by rich aromas of fig, walnut, and sandalwood; on the palate, intense notes of fig, red fruit and blackcurrant bud leads into an exceptionally long, robust finish.

Size: 700ml

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