Monkey Dry Gin (Free 1 Monkey 47 The Becher Cup)

Type: Gin
Vendor: Monkey 47


Monkey 47 is a batch distiller and unfiltered that unites British traditions, the exotic allure of India, and the ancient, untouched roots of the Black Forest with unsurpassed artisanal skill.

Very attractive nose with typical London Dry characters with some slight spicy notes. Crisp and fresh on the nose and equally so in the mouth. Some tangy notes in the mouth add extra freshness to the traditional characters. Fairly complex. Good balance of all components and racy, fresh finish.

Size: 500ml

Country: Germany, Schwarzwald 

This set including: 
Received a handcrafted Monkey 47 Becher when purchase 1 bottle of Monkey 47 Dry Gin. 

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