Wu Liang Ye Bai Jiu
Wu Liang Ye Bai Jiu

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Type: Whisky
Vendor: Wu Liang Ye


A scientific ratio of five raw grains to make Wuliangye Liquor has been found after years’ brewing experience: sorghum is 36%, rice 22%, glutinous rice 18%, wheats 16% and corns 8%. This ratio is in line with the body’s need for nutrients of grains.

Aroma: Pure aromas of Sorghum grain and long lasting fragrance of wheat and rice
Palate: Luscious and refreshing with intense flavour of corn coupled with the mellowness of rice and surprising sweetness of glutinous rice that ties everything together in lasting harmony.

Size: 500ml

Alcohol: 52%

Country: Chine